Tantra Essence Festival with Sarita and Friends

17-23 June 2018

International festival for Tantra, Music and Dance
Sensorial Awakening
Corfu Buddha Hall, Arillas, Corfu, Greece

Are you dreaming of a Holiday Destination near the sea? Come to this nurturing uplifting Tantra Festival, a true celebration of Life! Enjoy swimming, sunbathing, meditation, yoga, live music, dancing and meeting juicy, fun people as you expand your potential for ecstasy.

Our world-class team of Tantra Teachers will guide you into exploring your senses, awakening you to pleasure in all dimensions of your being.

Join us and become a “Lover of Life”

Tantra is the alchemy of ecstasy and this festival contributes to a joyful world through a divine celebration of our holistic being, from sex to spirit.

with: Ma Ananda Sarita, Praful, Kareem Raihani, Laurent Lacoste, Laurence Heitzmann, Swami Anahata, Sarani, Dharmaraj, Ranjana, Niraj, Tanmaya, plus our fabulous team of healers.

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During our Tantra Festival, teachers will be offering short experiential groups tapping into the senses, emotions, chakras, loving connections, Kundalini energy and sex to spirit ecstasy. This years theme is Sensorial Awakening and we will be exploring the importance of opening and healing our senses for more Bliss in our life. Our teachers offer a very sensitive approach to Tantra, holding a safe and loving space where each person can evolve and expand at their own pace.

Who is This Festival For?

This festival is suitable for newcomers to the world of Tantra as well as for experienced adepts. Each person journeys as deeply as they are capable of at any given moment.

What Kinds of Activities Are Being Offered?

In the Tantra Essence Festival, you will be invited into dance, sharing, massage, active and silent meditation, devotional rituals, energy and breath-work, singing, playful activities, evening entertainment, cuddle parties, swimming, sunbathing and feasting!

Besides a wide array of workshops, you will be able to relax and integrate your experiences with private sessions. In our Healing temple session givers and therapists will be offering treatments and sessions of the highest quality.

About Tantra

Tantra is a path to Mahamudra that invites us to experience the fullest potential of all that we are through methods of meditation, ritual, devotion, love, pleasure and celebration. (Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word meaning the great gesture arising out of the ultimate orgasm with the universe.) Tantra has developed in India thousands of years ago but this life approach is as relevant today as it was in the past. In fact, Tantra is currently experiencing a worldwide renaissance and our Tantra Teachers are some of the foremost in the world.

The Founder of Tantra Essence

The founder of Tantra Essence is world renowned Tantra Master Ma Ananda Sarita. Having lived in close contact with Osho for many years, her Tantra Transmission carries the ‘Osho flavour’ of love, meditation and celebration. Many of the teachers and musicians at the festival are also longtime devotees of Osho and this gives the festival a special quality of spiritually aligned Tantra.

Super Talented Musicians


Anyone who has had the privilege to be at a concert with Praful knows that his unique and awesome talent bridges the genres of Jazz, Indian, spiritual funk and much in-between. He is a one-man band and will not only entertain you with exquisite riffs from his bansuri flute but will get you up off your ass to dance, really go wild in a delirium of ecstasy!

Kareem Raïhani

Being raised in 2 different cultures, Morocco & the Netherlands, Kareem’s music is all about bringing worlds together.

Kareem’s productions invite you on a voyage through the labyrinths of music from all around the world, resulting in exploding Dj sets setting the dancefloor on fire.

Kareem works as Producer and DJ, spinning his eclectic, heart-warming mix of global beat fusion, but has also a history of working with musicians, producing dance tracks and remixing other artists. He is one of those rare DJs that think, feel work and play like a musician. With his songs, productions and remixes Kareem has earned his place among DJs, producers and musicians, creating a unique mix of adventurous dance music, from Afro to Disco, from Sufi to Techno.

“Through music & dance, we embrace ancient, present & future, acoustics & electronics, tribal & urban, hi-tech and roots. Connecting with the Self, Mother Earth and the Universe, the dancer becomes the dance.” (Kareem)

Red Fulka – A true Duo infernal.

Red Fulka brings about a unique flavour combining divine melodies, dance floor beats, world, tribal tunes and electronic beats.

The collaboration of the world-renown multi-wind-instrumentalist Praful and Morrocan-Dutch producer and DJ Kareem Raïhani will truly set your soul and feet on fire. Their tunes, melodies and beats touch you as a whole being you are invited to dance form your soul into pure ecstasy.

Since the beginning of their collaboration in 2006, they have brought their magic of high energy and bliss to many festivals and conscious events all around the world.

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